{Q:} I don’t look like a model. The women on your website do. I am afraid I am not photogenic… can I look like this?
{Ans:} Well, Thank You! I take it as a compliment. I truly do! I pride myself in creating images for everyday women which capture their most beautiful self – their soul, their essence!
I truly believe that there is no such thing as “Photogenic.” It’s all about your connection with the camera and how truly comfortable you are in front of it. That is not your job, its the “photographer’s job” to make you “feel comfortable” during the portrait session. I know my camera equipment, I know how to pose you to capture the best angles and I know how to relax you in front of the lens.
The best compliment I ever received was, “it wasn’t like a shoot at all. It was like spending time with a friend.”

{Q:} How far in advance should I book my portrait session?
{Ans:} I recommend booking your session at-least 6 weeks in advance to when you need your finished product in hands. I do tend to book out relatively far in advance. Mondays and Fridays are most popular and book out pretty quick. That said, its never too early to book.
DON’T WAIT to get on the schedule! Your photo reveal appointment will be 2-3 weeks after your shoot date and your finished product (depending on the order) will arrive 3-4 weeks after that.

{Q:} What is included in the $390?
{Ans:} The Portrait Session (valued 390) includes, a session design consultation ; “One hair and makeup” on the day of the shoot; your session at the studio or “one location”; use of studio wardrobe during the session; your photo reveal and selection appointment 2-3 weeks after the shoot where you get to view 30-40 fully retouched images.
This price “DOES NOT” include any images.

{Q:} What are the package? How much should I expect to spend?
{Ans:} The images start at $375 and can go upto $6000. What you buy is totally upto you! All said and done, on an average, clients tend to spend $3000 on the images and products they desire. Most people are SHOCKED by how many images they absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.
They think they aren’t going to get any good photos…and they’re always proved wrong. Yes! we are *THAT* good!  
We do have an incredible selection of additional products that you may upgrade to or purchase separately at your photo reveal appointment.

{Q:} When and how will I be able to select the images from my shoot?
{Ans:} At Bhadouriya Studios, we offer in-person consultation/Photo-reveal (zoom/skype for out of state clients) 2-3weeks after your portrait session. This is done for variety of reasons ::: First, we have gotten REALLY good at and perfected the system of helping our clients select the best images for their needs, showing them side-by-side for easy selection; showing them in various crop(s) for website, banner, business cards, etc. We can help you visually see the images in various formats which takes the guess work out of it!
Second, we have done this a while now and love helping our clients select a variety for various needs. Navigating a gallery of images on your own can be overwhelming sometimes, we want you to be able to enjoy your images and not just stop at the photoshoot. Having an expert eye in your corner right there to talk to and bounce ideas off of, can be great help!
Third, Its our favorite part of the process! When our customers get the first look at the images and we see their eyes widen with happiness and excitement, our heart sings a happy tune!

{Q:} What is Beauty Portraiture?
{Ans:} Beauty portraiture is a polished style of portraiture with a finished “fine art” look and feel. Think of beauty portraits as something that you would find in the pages of wow worthy magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, etc. Beauty portraiture is for the woman who wants a collection of absolutely breathtaking portraits of herself that are wall-worthy.  Wardrobe for a beauty session can be a gown, little black dress, a lace bodysuit, fabric draping, or even lingerie. Fine art textures and extensive retouching will be done on these images.

{Q:} Do you offer Headshots / Business Branding?
{Ans:} Absolutely! During your portrait design consultation we will discuss everything about the portrait session, for example ::
What if your vision for the photo-shoot?
What will the images will be used for?
What is your business/occupation?
What medium are you planning to publish these images on (or not, when it comes to boudoir)?
What does your brand look like?
What would be the backdrop these images will be published on? Website, print ads, social media, leadpages, landing pages all require slightly different approach and we will offer our expert advice based on your needs.
We go over everything under the sun, so that their are no surprises, plus it takes the guess work out of the equation for our clients. They appreciate knowing exactly what to expect.

{Q:} What about wadrobe? What clothes do I bring to the shoot?
{Ans:} Oh yes, we will go over wardrobe. If its just you, or you and the spouse/partner, we help you select 3-4 options for you to bring to the studio based on what the photo-shoot is for. If this is for the whole family, involving little kids, we recommend you bring two sets of outfits for the whole family (including kids) and one special set for the parents for their very own “extra special” couples shot. Two outfit changes are “plenty” for kids. Dont worry, we pride ourselves in guiding our clients in every step of the way. You will receive extensive instructions and guidance on wardrobe selection.

{Q:} What time would be my shoot?
{Ans:} Our shoots usually begin at 10am in the morning on the date of your session unless otherwise agreed upon. Hair and makeup usually takes about 45 mins and portrait session can take anywhere between an hour to 3-4 hours depending on, how soon I can get you to relax in front of the camera, for some it takes 15-20 mins, some take an hour. Its different with every person. Plus, if its a family shoot, it tends to take a bit longer.

{Q:} For a family shoot, do we all come together at 10am?
{Ans:} I typically advice mom/women to come in at 10am to get started with the hair and makeup. The kids can come in later with the men, dressed in the first outfit ready to go. This helps mom relax during the hair and makeup without worrying about what the kids are upto, and since the studio is new to them when they arrive, I can retain their attention during the shoot. They do tend to tire fast, and this helps in getting them in-and-out of the studio while they are still active and excited.

{Q:} Do you shoot Outdoors?
{Ans:} Yes, we do. we will discuss and advise locations based on our design consultation.

{Q:} How do I prepare for the shoot?
{Ans:} As a Bhadouriya Studios client, you will get the prep guide to portrait session once your session has been booked – in print and via emails. We will guide you every step of the way for the perfect portrait session! Bhadouriya Studios photo shoot is an EXPERIENCE!
So expect a very informed process that involves a lot more instruction than just showing up to shoot and being done with it.

{Q:} What else do I need to bring?
{Ans:} While we always have snacks at the studio, with kids, we do recommend packing their favorite toys and snacks. Its quite stressful for them to be in a strange environment and having their favorite toy helps them relax. If you have specific food requirements, please let us know during your consultation.. In cases of extreme allergies, we may advice you to bring your safe snacks and makeup.

{Q:} Would you use my images on your website?
{Ans:} I would love to use the images from our session to showcase your amazing photos! However, I also completely understand, if you are unwilling to share them online. I will honor whatever level of privacy you choose. Most of my clients are proud of their images and give me full discretion to post these online, some prefer to choose which images are posted online, few do not want any images to be posted due to various reasons including then images being a gift and they do not want them to be posted before the recipient views them. Let me know during our consultation which option you would like and I will honor your wishes.