Women in the Valley | Sixty is Fabulous!

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Phyllis is an inspiration to me personally. She is sixty years old and fabulous! I could not believe that she had never – ever had her portraits done (well as far back as she could remember)! She was an air-hostess and is retired now but she has travelled to countries I have only dreamed of going to one day.


So needless to say I had to get her to come into the studio. She was so excited by the idea of her own magazine style shoot, that to my delight, she immediately said “Yes, lets do this!” Her energy is contagious, its hard not be with her in the same room and not be affected by it.


She also was celebrating her personal achievement, which to me is awesome. Anyone who knows me knows that I have struggled with weight half my life. It goes down and goes back up… typical yo-yo of a plus sized person. Well, she was 60-70 pounds heavier than what she is right now. She told me, she decided one day that she is not going to be a plus sized woman anymore and that day she started walking… just walking. She ate right and walked, walked every two hours around our neighbourhood for 15 mins (15 mins every two hours.)


I see her walking when its hot and sunny and not even a fly would venture out, she walks with her hat. When its raining she walks with an umbrella. With sheer determination she not only achieved her target but went past it, but that didnt stop her, I still see her walking everyday – “Its become a way of life for me now.” (she tells me)


She taught me that age is just a number in your head and no matter what your goals are if you set a target and march straight to it, you will achieve success.


Isn’t she beautiful?



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